Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Eltham DownHill Cheese Race 2012

A beautiful sunny Autumn day for the Eltham Downhill Cheese Race 2012

'Who can grate the block of cheese the fastest?' competition



Some of the crowd at the top of Cheese Hill

Race 1: Primary school Boys aged 7 to 13 years

Race 2: Primary school Girls aged 7 to 13 years.

 Race 3: Secondary Boys aged over 13 and up to 18 years

 Race 4: Secondary Girls aged over 13 and up to 18 years

Race 5:Adult Men 18 -40

Race 6: 

Adult Women 18 -40

Race 7: Masters Men 40+

Race 8: Masters Women 40+

The cheeses, which you can see held together wonderfully for the races

Friday, May 13, 2011

Eltham Town Hall Birthday photos

The 100th Birthday celebrations of the Eltham Town Hall took place on Sunday the 8th May 2011. The Hall was open for viewing of Displays from 10am. A Hall tour was held at 11am. The official opening ceremony began at 1.30pm, started by the cutting of the ribbon speeches and cutting of the cake.
Photos below.

the ribbon cutting ceremony

Gordon Lawson, Karen Christian

South Taranaki District Council MAyor Ross Dunlop 

Cutting the birthday cake

The town Crier

Looking down from upstairs

the staircase to nowhere

Below: photos taken on the day of the Toy Wall

Starks Park below

around town below